Beyond Lookalikes – Taking User-Level Growth Data To The Next Level

Join Kuuhubb, Miri and Tenjin to learn about best practices on how to grow your apps by taking advantage of your user-level growth data. This a hands-on workshop in which we limit the capacity to 20. The workshop is targeted at UA professionals, data scientists and data engineers.

Please apply for your seat by sending us an email.

1. Creative-level campaign optimization via the Facebook API
A method to do creative-level tests on the back of a structured Facebook API integration.
Presented by Adam Turowski from Facebook Performance Marketing Agency Miri (formerly Peak Labs)
30-min session

2. LTV modelling and LTV benchmarks for mobile games
What are current LTV benchmarks? How do you model yours?
Presented by Oliver Kern, Growth at Kuuhubb
30-min session

3. User-level data, the gold mine today’s franchises are built on
A talk about growth data warehouses setups in mobile, winning combinations of data sets, and some behavioural analyses to try out.
Presented by Matthaus Krzykowski, Director Platform Tenjin
30-min session