What happens when you get local developer talent to come into PGC and make a game?

What happens is The PGC Helsinki PocketJam.

Come watch this group of intrepid coders attempt to create a game in the time it takes us to deliver a conference.

Monday 5th September – Hall F1
The PocketJam kicks off.

Join in for the welcoming words, theme announcement, and group forming.

First Day Project Reports

Come and listen to what the jammers have done so far and what they plan to do in order to ensure their games are ready for upload by the close of the jam the next day.

Tuesday 6th September – Hall F1

The jamming continues until 15:00 when the jam is over and the games are uploaded.

17:45-18:00 – Hall G (Track Room 2)

Join us in Track Room 2 to check out the results of the jam and discover the prize winners!