Prepare for your journey with the Pocket Gamer guide to Dubai ahead of the Dubai GameExpo Summit!

The Pocket Gamer Connects team are partnering with the Dubai Economy & Tourism Department (DET) to bring the global games industry an unmissable conference experience in Dubai, part of the fastest growing region of the global games industry.
The GameExpo Summit powered by PG Connects will take place over two days alongside the larger Dubai Games and Esports Festival at the Dubai Exhibition Centre located at the incredible hub of sustainability and innovation, Expo City Dubai.

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Entry requirements

Over 50 countries don’t require a pre-arranged visa to visit Dubai, be certain of the visa process ahead of visiting this summer.

If travelling to Dubai from elsewhere, check your country’s visa requirements for travel to the UAE on the official Visit Dubai website, by entering your nationality details. The type of visa required to join us for the Summit this summer is a Tourist visa.

Passengers travelling to the UAE are not currently required to present a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or to perform PCR tests, this may change at short notice. You can check the most updated information here.


Transport in Dubai

Dubai offers a number of options for transportation depending on your budget and where you need to get to. Here are just some of the ways that you can get around while in the city…

  • Taxi or Uber/Careem – Pre-book your taxis online with RTA Dubai’s mobile app, includes taxi rental service to travel within Dubai, airport taxi from Dubai International Airport, plus a taxi service exclusive to women and families with female drivers. Payment can be made by cash or card. Booking can also be done via rideshare and food delivery app Careem or default to other private car booking services like Uber. Learn more about RTA’s taxi booking services here.
  • Bus/Rail – Dubai’s local bus and metro services are safe and affordable, and run on a reliable schedule. Use the RTA app to plan your journey and this timetable for all public transport in Dubai.  Dubai’s public transport doesn’t accept cash payments, pre-purchase a smart travel Nol card through the RTA Dubai app or at ticket office machines in Dubai Metro stations.
  • Water taxis – Not to be confused with the abras (creek crossing wooden boats that take you between four stations around Dubai creek), water taxis offer travel between 44 stops across Dubai Creek for up to 11 people. You can plan your journey and learn more about this fantastic marine transport here.For further advice Visit Dubai, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism’s official site for visitors is updated regularly.

Expo City, the human-centric city of the future

Expo City Dubai opened its doors in October 2022 and features include the Al Wasl Plaza (the world’s largest 350-degree projection surface) that lights up the heart of Expo City Dubai and the rotating observation tower dubbed Dubai’s ‘flying park’, Garden in the Sky.

We encourage you to plan your visit around conference times so you can explore all that Expo City Dubai, and Dubai at large, has to offer. You can learn more at the official Expo City Dubai website here.


What’s the culture like in Dubai?

Dubai is a hub where the East and the West meet for business and innovation and the local culture reflects that.

  • Dress code – Most expats dress as they would back home, the dress code is more strict when it comes to visiting mosques and temples, which may require full-length sleeves and a head covering.
  • DrinkingYes, you can drink in Dubai. Alcohol consumption in Dubai is regulated, but allowed at licensed bars/clubs, most hotels, some restaurants and hotel rooms for visitors. Note that overt public intoxication is a criminal offence.
  • Behave respectfully – Be aware that giving someone a thumbs up can be taken as the equivalent of raising your middle finger, shaking hands or eating with your left hand can be seen as impolite and avoiding swearing is recommended as offensive language can be fined.

For more information on Dubai’s laws, rules and regulations, visit this helpful guide for expats.


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