I would like to present few case studies of creating marketing assets for specific games from a publisher’s point of view (you cannot interfere with with the actual game, but you can create a beautiful package that supports overall art direction of the project and is likely to increase visit-to-install conversion rates):
– getting to know the game
– creating ref boards
– deciding on art direction
– what can you get from the game, and how to use it properly
– creating a logo
– icon – what should it show?
– struggling with promoart
– deciding on screenshots’ message
– a bit of keywords in titles, descriptions and tools to measure them
– conducting experiments to obtain satisfying results

To conclude the topic I would give pro tips about what to avoid when thinking about creating compelling store fronts (f.e. Black Hat ASO) and what rules to follow (and points of risk created by general AppStore & GooglePlay’s rules – as showing female character on screenshots)

The games I would like to talk about are few of Artifex Mundi’s HOPA (externally developed games), where I had the opportunity to work with, as well as h’n’s Bladebound (Artifex Mundi’s original game, though I’ve been working on it in a F2P marketing team about two years after the soft launch).

Location: Date: October 2, 2019 Time: 4:00 pm - 4:20 pm Justyna Gil Artist /Junior Head of ASO Artifex Mundi Justyna Gil