Eliraz Polak Customer and Sales Manager Game of Whales

Customer and Sales Manager
Game of Whales

Coming from year of specialising in monetisation in the mobile world, Eliraz Polak is a force within the dynamic unique team of Game of Whales, the award winning ‘Best tools provider’ for 2019! With an amazing success of working with the best publishers and developers in the world, Game of Whales, an AI and Machine Learning platform, tracks the most important user behaviour, in real-time and programmatically interacts with players to maximise lifetime value and reduce churn. In the past few years, Eliraz gained track record of increasing publisher earnings while using unique platforms, knowledge and creativity when dealing with games big data.
Previously Eliraz was managing monetisation strategies for worldwide publishers, with great passion of providing innovative solutions for game developers and pave the way for their success.

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