Sami Liukka Co-founder & CCO Heavyweight Rex

Co-founder & CCO
Heavyweight Rex

An award-winning serial entrepreneur and collectible card gaming professional, Liukka is the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Heavyweight Rex, the Finnish mobile game studio responsible for the new card battler title Card Smash: Tribes at War. The current role of Sami Liukka in the company is business development, securing partnerships and fostering a culture of success. He has also participated in the development of new products and services, from ideation to design, prototyping, and producing to release.

Liukka has worked in market research, gaming and IT sectors with combined experience from startups as a founder and games for 15 years. He is an enthusiastic collectible card game (CCG) gamer, having made his first own CCGs at the age of 10, and having a strong understanding of game functions, collectible values, and competitive play. Raising early funding in the gaming sector is one of his specialities.

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