Suvi Latva Chief Business Advisor Neogames Finland

Chief Business Advisor
Neogames Finland

Suvi has roots in virtual reality & real-time 3d graphics and has a Master’s degree in Industrial design (Media and Interface Design). She has been working with game research (PHD studies) and investigating how to implement digital games into a physical playground environment. In 2006 she started her journey in game business development and building game industry ecosystems at Oulu.  As a result, solid foundations for the game business was built in the area. Games industry business development and support continued at Tampere. Tampere had already been in the games industry at that time, but it was struggling with severe disruptions and lay-offs. She helped local developers and studios tackle their challenges and to utilise the new opportunities in the changing business environment. Since 2013 she has been working at Neogames Finland, taking care of business relations with Finnish Game Developers and their potential partners. She has been responsible for Chinese games market investigations and new business opportunities there. Currently she is focusing on the Japanese and South-Korean games markets.

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