Unreal-logo-K-484xIntro to UE4 – Building an Entire Game from Scratch

Day 1 (5th September 2016)

[NOTE: You’ll need to sign up here if you wish to attend this workshop – it’s free (though note it doesn’t guarantee entry to PGC Helsinki).]

During this workshop, Sjoerd De Jong, Unreal Engine Evangelist, will build a game from scratch working with freely available Unreal Engine assets.

By combining the power of UE4’s visual scripting language Blueprints, along with features like the material editor, C++, and level editor tools, a visually appealing flying game will be constructed live and from scratch. Additional topics will touch on the basics of UE4’s physically based material system, lighting and post processing The workshop will wrap up by compiling the game into a distribution ready executable.

This workshop assumes prior 3D game development experience, but no knowledge or familiarity with Unreal Engine. It is meant to give the viewer an overview of the various tools found in the Unreal Engine, and the overall process of creating a simple game from scratch all the way up to a distributable executable.


Hour 1

Intro to UE4 – Part 1: Blueprint scripting and C++

In this first part of the Intro to UE4 workshop, Unreal Engine Evangelist Sjoerd De Jong will build out the functionality of the game using Blueprint visual scripting and some C++. This first part covers the gameplay framework embedded within the engine, and the Unreal Engine’s powerful but easy to understand visual scripting system Blueprint.


Hour 2

Intro to UE4 – Part 2: Art pipeline, world editing, and lighting

Moving forward with building the game from Part 1, in this second of the Intro to UE4 workshop Sjoerd will explain the art pipeline of the Unreal Engine by importing assets and creating materials. By building a visually pleasing and realistic apartment, Sjoerd will take the attendees through the level editing process, and demonstrate almost all of Unreal Engine 4’s lighting features.


Hour 3

Intro to UE4 – Part 3: Particles, sounds, and menus

Wrapping up the Intro the UE4 workshop, Sjoerd finishes the game by taking the attendees through particle creation, the build-in sound tools, and the creation of a simple HUD and main menu.