In addition to running our How Neuroscience And UX Can Impact Game Design workshop at Connects London, we’re delighted to confirm that Fortnite’s former Director of UX Celia Hodent is also offering a dedicated one-day masterclass on January 23.

Description and registration details below:

Game UX & Cognitive Science Masterclass (London,UK – 9am-5pm – Jan 23, 2019)

Making fun and engaging video games is hard, and with thousands of games being released every year, the competition is fierce. Although there is no known recipe for crafting successful games, some clear ingredients do exist, which game developers can use to make their own successful recipe. User experience (UX) and cognitive science disciplines combined provide developers with those ingredients –across all types of games, platforms used, or audiences targeted– to guide them along the development process. Experiencing a game happens in the player’s mind. This is why understanding the human brain (especially its limitations) while it is perceiving and interacting with a game is paramount to accomplish faster and more efficiently your developers’ goals.

This Masterclass, lead by the former Director of UX on Fortnite, proposes to delve into how the human brain works in terms of perception, attention, and memory and offers a concrete UX framework and guidelines that developers can apply during the different development stages. The ultimate goal of this Masterclass is to provide tools to significantly improve the experience of the game you are developing, as perceived by your target audience. This Masterclass will offer numerous examples, from video games and beyond, to illustrate each point.

Registrations are open.