Support the Games Forest Club for a less heavy ecological footprint!

Pocket Gamer Connects London is proud to partner with Games Forest Club to help offset the carbon footprint associated with conference travel, and to care for a section of forest.

How does it work?

When registering for a PGC London ticket, you will see an option to donate to this environmental cause. This will be presented to you at the end of the process and is optional. Please consider clicking on the check box which indicates you would like to support Games Forest Club. We will then follow up and send you a link where you can donate. We suggest £70, but other amounts are available. This will go to help preserve a section of forest in Peru and also contribute to offsetting the event’s carbon footprint.

What does this mean for your carbon footprint?

£70 will protect around 50sqm forest in Peru, which contains up to 3000kg of carbon. Here are some estimates to help you picture it:

  • A one-way flight from San Francisco to London emits 2758kg
  • A one-way flight from Singapore to London emits 4043kg
  • A one-way flight from Berlin to London emits 263kg
  • A one-way train from Berlin to London emits just 30kg (so please use the train from Europe if you can!)

In comparison:

  • You emit 2000kg in driving an average car for a year
  • Ethiopia’s per capita yearly emissions are 560kg

What is Games Forest Club?

Games Forest Club is a non-profit organisation guiding the games industry to a climate-positive future by 2030. With data-driven and transparent reforestation and forest conservation, the GamesForest team reduces the companies’ and their players’ ecological footprint, regenerating climate and biodiversity. Innovative solutions make regeneration profitable while taking a brand on a regenerative journey.

You will be able to hear more from Games Forest Club in panels on the Company Culture and Visions & Values tracks at PGC London.