User experience (UX) and neuroscience are becoming trendy in the industry, but how can these disciplines concretely help a team to develop a game?

Some designers might think that this knowledge is not easy to apply, or even fear that it will distort the experience they intend to offer. However, UX and neuroscience (mostly cognitive psychology) combined are at the service of design, and can provide very concrete and easy-to-use tips to anticipate and solve design problems, sometimes even before the play testing phase. By having a general understanding of how the brain works and by following UX guidelines, the designers increase the chance of their audience experiencing the intended design.

This talk offers an introduction to cognitive science (i.e. limitations of the human brain in terms of perception, attention, and memory) and UX applied to video game development (i.e. how to make a game more usable and engaging), illustrated by examples from various titles, including Fortnite.

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PLEASE NOTE: Additionally, Celia will be running a one-day Game UX & Cognitive Science Masterclass in London on January 23.

Location: Date: January 21, 2019 Time: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm photo-Celia-Hodent Celia Hodent