Dan Sherman Co-founder & CEO GameClub

Co-founder & CEO

Dan Sherman is co-founder and CEO of GameClub, a first mover in subscription-based mobile gaming. GameClub’s “all-you-can-play” subscription service is breathing new life into over 100 classic premium mobile games – without ads or in-app purchases. GameClub launched globally on iOS in fall 2019 and is coming soon to Google Play.

Prior to GameClub, Dan was co-founder and president of Tilting Point, a top 100 mobile publisher aimed at championing independent game development. Tilting Point’s debut title, Leo’s Fortune, won an Apple Design Award and was named Runner-Up iPhone Game of the Year in 2014.

Before Tilting Point, Dan was a core member of the EA Partners business development team at Electronic Arts, where he negotiated partnerships with some of the world’s top game developers, including Respawn, Harmonix, Insomniac, Id, and others. Game partnerships formed by Dan on behalf of EA Partners generated over $3 billion in revenue and resulted in 18 Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences award nominations and six wins, including Overall Game of the Year (Rock Band), and 9 BAFTA nominations, including Best Original Property (Titanfall).

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