Culture Developer
Gram Games

Erin O’Brien is Culture Developer at Gram Games, and leads the creation and further refinement of the company’s culture, to build an inspiring place to work that is good for its people, as well as the business. Originally from Washington DC and graduated from Princeton University, she started her career in gaming as a content manager. After sharing ideas and supporting the culture team, she became Culture Developer, aiming to drive Gram’s culture as its own product, to optimise input and output, and ensure the business works for everyone. As Gram Games expands to London, her role continues to evolve as she leads on the search for new talent to fill multiple positions at the new office. Erin made her move into the video games industry as she believes it provides a fascinating opportunity to interact with a variety of people, both directly and by creating entertainment that resonates on a human level. She enjoys working in an industry whose aim is to ultimately make people happy.

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