Executive Director and Producer
Digging Deep

Rosemary Lokhorst is a writer, technology entrepreneur and multiple award-winning game producer – a professional geek with a creative mind and an interest in looking at things from a different angle. During her ascending career, she has worked in several Fortune 500 companies before investing in and joining a start-up with the mission of improving quality of life through technology in urban developments, the now award-winning software company Living PlanIT. 

Over the years, she developed a keen interest in the storytelling potential that technology offers, and the potential for creating stories that are supported by the right technology in getting their message across. Discovering her creative side through that process, she now uses her ‘techspertise’ to produce content she is passionate about, focusing on impact messaging in entertainment and gaming. 

As the producer and narrator of Shadow’s Edge, the first mobile game designed to build resilience in teens that face health issues, she takes messages to where the teen audience lives. Shadow’s Edge provides serious fun; in an intriguing digital game world with relatable characters and infused with content that helps teens work through the hard stuff that comes their way. 

Rosemary mentors young female entrepreneurs, a regular guest blogger on various sites and consults companies on using gamification to get their story across.  She is working on her second screenplay.

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