Rusto is an independent gaming company founded in 2011 with development experience from mobile, PC & virtual reality systems both to commercial clients & in cooperation with the local University’s research projects.

For the last year we have worked on bringing our vision of a perfect console cooperative game to Xbox One.

Rusto is going to build a micropublishing system where we support other developers work by assisting with marketing, publishing pipelines & development. Our goal is to enter the market with awesome games that support Rusto’s style for design: Easily approachable, re-playable & snack sized epic adventures!

Our first console title Spareware is a top-down cooperative shooter spearheading our approach & giving us the credibility necessary on the market. Spareware is slated for an early 2016 release on Xbox One.

We are looking to build our own publishing brand & infrastructure with the help from industry veterans, and funding while not necessary would speed up the process. If there is a publisher out there that is with the same wave length with our plan, we are more than interested in talking business.