Bind is a Finnish game development studio founded in late 2012. We are based in the city of Kajaani, one of the fastest growing game development hubs in the country. Bind brings together an award-winning team of hardworking and dedicated professionals with varying backgrounds and shared passion for game development. We have a 5-year history of working, living and sweating together more like a family than a team – hence the name Bind. Our focus is on delivering playful, colorful and extremely polished games for all ages with superb visuals.

We are currently looking for funding and a publisher for our new game, Galactic Hero Agency: Mind Matters – an action-adventure game where Super Mario Galaxy meets blasting 2D action with space weaponry. The team is highly versatile and able to produce high quality content in a relatively short time span; the current version of the game has been in development for 5 months. We have also worked with multiple clients in Finland as a subcontractor in terms of game development and gamification. Despite working with challenging concepts on a tight schedule, our work has always been highly regarded. In the future we are going to focus on building the Galactic Hero Agency brand.