Kasturi Rangan CEO Orange Rock Studios

Orange Rock Studios

As CEO of Orange Rock Studios and CPO of PTW, Kasturi Rangan is the in-house visionary of the future and local evangelist for great product. Rangan is an industry veteran and has been with PTW for nearly a decade, significantly growing and leading operations across the Quality Assurance, Innovation, and the Customer Experience line of business. In his most recent role at PTW, Rangan was the Regional President, over North American and India operations. He was also recently appointed as the CEO of PTW’s new game and product development brand, Orange Rock Studios. In his role as CPO of PTW, Rangan oversees the product innovation and transformation arm for PTW globally.

Outside of his work for PTW, Rangan plays pool, sings karaoke, and tries to get a few chicken dinners in
his favorite battle royale game- PUBG.

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