As one of the world’s oldest and largest digital asset miners, Hut 8 has long been bullish on the potential of blockchain technology. We recently took a bold step and acquired five state-of-the-art data centres with the vision of bridging the traditional and emerging tech industries with high performance computing that enables blockchain and Web 3.0 innovation.

Hut 8 offers scalable cutting-edge computing solutions to the dynamic gaming industry and many more by providing the infrastructure that supports gaming platforms, VFX rendering, and cloud workloads.

Investing in the potential of Industry 4.0 is built into our DNA: our mix of expertise, vision, and commitment to innovation will enable us to seize the opportunities at the intersection of digital assets, blockchain technology, and Web 3.0, creating value for our customers and shareholders.

Learn how we can support your high-performance computing needs and book a call with our team at hut8mining.com