Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd. is India’s largest gaming company that addresses the complete value chain of Digital Gaming. With currently 10 million registered gamers, is not only the largest casual gaming sites in the country but amongst the top casual gaming sites in the world. As per a recent survey on an average a user spends about 21 minutes on, which is way higher than the average time one spends on any gaming website.

In addition to the above Zapak has a wap site called which is world’s first Multiplayer platform for feature phones. It offers over 1200 free games and boasts of over 2 million unique visitors every single month. is synonymous to the mobile social community centre because of its huge entertainment, gaming and other offerings.

Zapak works closely with most of the leading global gaming and entertainment players such as Microsoft, Popcap, Boonty, Playfirst, Universal Studios, Shanda, Cartoon Network, THQ, iPlay, Hands-On etc.