This sizzling new addition to PG Connects San Francisco is the first dedicated blockchain games conference, poised to deliver everything you need to know on why blockchain technology and ICOs have the potential to revolutionize the entire gaming market.

There are incredible opportunities and big rewards on offer, but there’s no shortage of issues to navigate, pitfalls to avoid and trends to stay abreast of in these very early days.

Hence the creation of Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco.

    • Introduction to cryptocurrency – scale & impact
    • Everything you need to know about blockchain technology and why you should use it
    • The good, bad and ugly around launching and running a successful ICO
    • Legal considerations and regulations
    • Technical implementation of in-game purchases using blockchain
    • Design considerations when implementing blockchain into your game
    • The future and the opportunity for game dev studios

All of these and more will form part of a full-day agenda made up of a quartet of tracks:

  • The Blockchain Basics: The inside track to crypto, how it works with games and current market
  • ICO Insights & Token Trends: Creating and managing a currenty before, during and after ICO
  • Blockchain Game Design: How to make a game and market it
  • Link To The Future: Top trends and where the industry goes next

In short, the point is to give you all the insight with regards to what crytpocurrency, blockchain and ICOs have to do with gaming.

Location: Date: May 14, 2018 Time: 9:55 am - 10:00 am photo-Jon-Jordan Jon Jordan