Bee7 is a unique solution that makes it easier for developers to engage and retain loyal users.

Bee7’s native gameplay reward system supports video and drives cross promotion, retention and ongoing engagement with players. All of which open up new opportunities for game makers to sustain monetization.

With the Bee7 solution, users choose to discover new games within the titles they love playing, when it suits them. They are then rewarded with in-game loyalty bonuses in the publisher titles, each time they play a new app on the game wall or view a video.

Rewarding gameplay is known to boost retention in both the advertiser and publisher’s games.

Created by multinational entertainment company and game developer Outfit7 to help other developers overcome the challenges of making profitable games, Bee7 uses the same technology that propelled Outfit7 from a startup to achieve in excess of 2.8 billion downloads and 250 million MAU.

Bee7’s sales representatives are located in London, San Francisco, Singapore and Berlin.

They can be reached: [email protected] + @bee7mobile