Publisher-SpeedMatch-logo-onLight-300xThe Publisher SpeedMatch session will enable shortlisted developers and publishers to make initial contact during a dedicated stint of speed-date style meetings.

These short meets aren’t obviously designed for closing a deal, but enable an initial contact that can be followed up with a longer meeting during or after the conference. (Of course, everyone is still free to make as many meetings as they’d like using the standard Pitch & Match system – free to all Connects delegates.)

The Publisher SpeedMatch session is open to all attendees of PG Connects Seattle. There’s no additional charge but there is a filtering process. If you’re interested in taking part simply fill in the application form when we contact you regarding this in April.

(Note: you need to have registered for PG Connects in order to be contacted – and eligible.)Not registered for PGC yet? Tsk. You can do so here.

(NOTE: Confirmed attendees will need to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start in order to register.)

Location: Date: May 12, 2020 Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm