Adam Lieb CEO Gamesight


Adam Lieb is an entrepreneur from Seattle with 17 years experience building and growing technology companies. He started his first venture, building gaming communities when he was 11. He eventually sold his growing websites to IGN (Newscorp). At 15 he started generating $10,000 a week in virtual goods sales by building out a marketplace for virtual goods in popular MMORPG games. At 16 he graduated from high school and matriculated to the University of Washington where he continued his entrepreneurial ventures. He started and built Gaming Synergies to a multi-million dollar revenue business operating 25 different properties in the gaming space. Following a childhood dream, he decided to continue running his successful business while he enrolled in law school. He spent four years living by the beach in West LA while he earned his JD/MBA, all while continuing to run Gaming Synergies.

Shortly after graduation, Adam founded Duxter, a company focused on building massive communities of obsessed gamers. He went on to raise millions of dollars, recruit a talented team of passionate developers, and build Duxter out into a major player in the game industry.

Adam is now currently the CEO of Gamesight, to help game developers build, understand, and engage their fanbase in order to foster success for their games and bring joy to their gamers.

Adam has been recognised by The White House as one of the top entrepreneurs under 30. He regularly speaks at startup & games conferences, as well as written contributions to publications such as Forbes,, and Social Media Today.

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