Kelly Maguire Founder and CEO APPatheia LLC

Founder & CEO
APPatheia LLC

Founder & CEO of APPatheia, an independent mobile game studio and co-Founder of Vuja De Digital, a cutting edge digital marketing agency, Kelly Maguire brings a wide variety of skills and experience in various fields. A business and e-commerce degree holder with a focus on entrepreneurship from DePaul University he has been the key driving force behind the efforts of APPatheia to date having developed the game concepts, marketing strategies, and monetization systems. Mr. Maguire discovered his passion for the mobile space in late 2011 and dedicated himself to understanding and mastering the mobile app space from all angles, not just development, recognising a significant gap in the business and marketing sides of the industry. Mr. Maguire sees the mobile app space as a cornerstone of virtual existence and a gateway to creating tremendous value between a company and its customers. He brings to the table extensive experience in digital media advertising and social media strategies for major companies while working within divisions of Omnicom and Google, as well as consulting directly with Facebook engineers on the early development of their ad platform. Mr. Maguire’s experience means he has been well positioned to lead, develop, and consult on several mobile app projects from concept, execution, and marketing. His vision and foresight into the market enable him to deliver value to the mobile space across the board in many disciplines. Whether it’s envisioning the next big gaming title or utility app or identifying the best ways to market & monetize a company’s app portfolio, Mr. Maguire’s passion, knowledge, and vision serves as a catalyst to APPatheia and Vuja De Digital’s success.

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