How to End an Essay

How to End an Essay

The conclusion of any essay carries as much as weight as the introduction and the body. It is supposed to create a lasting impression long after the reader is done with the paper. Conclusions persuade the reader, one last time, about the point of view of the writer and create completeness and closure for the reader while still giving them an idea of the ceaseless possibilities that could arise from the topic that was being addressed in the essay.

When ending an essay, it is crucial to link the thesis to the concluding statement. This is not by merely restating the thesis statement but by rephrasing it in light of the points presented in the body of the essay. This should be followed by a supporting statement that generally focuses on the main ideas of the essay and how they have added value to the writer’s point of view. The final statement should provide closure to the reader by wrapping up the entire essay. It can also be a question or a thought that can trigger the reader to think more about what the essay was about.

The conclusion of an essay links the introductory paragraph to the final thoughts of the essay. It amplifies the main point and restates the main ideas in the paper. As a result, it is not advisable to present new ideas while ending your essay. All points should be exhausted in the body of the paper. In addition, personal opinions should not be included in the concluding paragraph unless the paper was written in the first person. Therefore, the type of essay and the target audience determine how an essay will be concluded.

Conclusions to an essay should be short and authoritative while completing the thoughts discussed. A final quote or fact based on the points presented may be used as the final statement when aiming to create a dramatic effect. Moreover, the consequences or implications of the argument presented can be considered as the ending to the paper. The language used as well as the statements should be simple and properly structured. Complex structures should only be used when creating a balance. While the introduction flows from general to specific, the ending of an essay is specific then moves to a general view.

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