Futura Digital will host a two-day marathon of personal consultations at the Dubai GameExpo Summit this year. Any conference attendee can sign up for a 25-minute session with an expert who specializes in law and taxes.

You are invited to sign up for a consultation and get advice on:

  • personal data
  • trademarks and patents
  • copyright protection
  • fight against clone games
  • relocation and banking abroad
  • publishing and investment
  • company incorporation

and more!

You can see the attending experts below. The team is prepared to provide on-the-spot legal advice.

The activity is scheduled to occur on both days of the conference (May 1-2). To secure your slot, please click the button below and fill out the linked form. Please note that this offer is limited and will be arranged on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Futura Digital will get back to you with the confirmation of your registration.

Futura Digital is a consulting team from the UAE with vast experience in gaming law. They are not merely lawyers – the team sincerely loves games and is happy to be part of the gamedev world. Futura Digital is happy to help start and develop great projects in various jurisdictions: the UAE, the EU, the USA, the CIS, Singapore and more. They work together with developers, publishers and investors as well as service providers. Headquartered in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with a presence in Hong Kong and a network of associates worldwide, Futura Digital is a trusted partner for navigating the complexities of your business landscapes.

Futura Digital Experts


Alexandra Kurdyumova

Alexandra has great experience in consulting international companies on issues of structuring IT projects, protecting intellectual property, personal data, confidential information and know-how. She has special expertise in the field of protecting copyrights for software and strategies to combat the violation of companies’ rights to technology and information. She is recognized as one of the leading experts in Intellectual Property Law by the international Best Lawyers rating, as well as in IT Law by Forbes rating.


Anastasiia Romanovskaia

Anastasiia Romanovskaia is a seasoned legal professional. She specializes in trans-jurisdictional projects within the corporate realm. Her primary focus lies in the MENA, Southeast Asia, and LATAM markets, where she has honed her expertise in international and cross-border projects, mergers and acquisitions, investment, strategy consulting, as well as corporate and labour law.

Arthur Faniev

Arthur Faniev assists companies in their international development by providing expert consultancy in corporate and commercial law. His specialities include company incorporation in the UAE, Hong Kong, and other jurisdictions, facilitating the opening of bank accounts, organizing company accounting, and assisting with the acquisition of residence permits and Emirates IDs.

Roman Motorin

Roman Motorin has years of legal practice, focusing primarily on international tax issues and intellectual property matters for IT and game development companies. His areas of expertise encompass tax law in the UAE, EU countries, and other jurisdictions, international taxation, antitrust regulation, intellectual property rights protection, and personal data management.