Derek Cheung CEO HK Esports

HK Esports

Derek returned to Hong Kong after he graduated from USC in 2012. Derek gained his solid foundation of entrepreneurship from extensive internships experience across versatile business sectors (e.g. Technology, Media, Entertainment, and before his establishment of Hong Kong Esports Company Limited (HKES) in 2013. Capitalising on the hottest global trend of eSports, HKES currently headquartered in Hong Kong with regional offices located in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. HKES is one of the leading companies in Asia focusing on eSports content creation, eSports products development and eSports talent management. Derek has a vision to promote Hong Kong as the “Hub of eSports in Asia Pacific” so as to raise Hong Kong’s global awareness in innovation and technology. Apart from growing his own company, Derek is committed to leverage his influence to gravitating millennials through diversified eSports activities among the youths.

Derek Cheung, Founder & CEO of Hong Kong Esports Limited; Chairman of Hong Kong Electronic Sports Federation; Executive Committee of Hong Kong Game Industry Association; Chairman of Hong Kong Team Selection Panel, 2018 Asian Games eSports Demonstration Competition; Hong Kong Team Manager of 2018 Overwatch World Cup; Forbes 2018 30 Under 30 Asia List; Outstanding Entrepreneur Award 2017; Outstanding Figure 2017.

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