The two days will be packed with opportunities to learn about the region’s games industry and about the hottest global games topics.

The Summit is divided into individual talks, fireside chats with key figures and expert panels. And each day will conclude with guided roundtables, breakout sessions where everybody will be encouraged to chat with our industry insiders on important subjects.

There will also be time for informal networking, pleasant meals, and activities in the desert. Please check your email for more information.

Summit Programme

DAY 1 (NOV 30th)

08:30 | Doors open and registration

09:25 | Welcome to PGC Leaders Summit Riyadh

• Chris James, Steel Media
• Kadri Harma, Nine66

09:40 | Keynote: The National Gaming and eSports Strategy (KSA): Beyond a country plan for the industry

• David Fernandez, Sandsoft

10:10 | 10 Trends that are shaping the Global Games Market

• Chris James, Steel Media

10:25 | Panel: State of Play in the accelerating MENA market: Last 5 years and next 10

• Chris James, Steel Media [moderator]
• Kadri Harma, Nine66
• John Lacey, Level Infinite, Tencent Games Global
• Mohamed Zaher, Niko Partners
• Hussam Hamo, Tamatem
• Kamal Aittah, Game Hermits

11:20 | Break

11:30 | The State of Games and Esports in the Middle East: the Current Landscape and Future Growth

Mohamed Zaher, Niko Partners

11:50 | Panel: What it takes to succeed in the MENA market. Tips, tricks, trends and tastes

• Dave Bradley, Steel Media [moderator]
• Musab Almalki, Spoilz
• Oliver Kern, Nine66
• Kamal Aittah, Game Hermits
• Hussam Hamo, Tamatem

 12:35 | Lunch

 13:30 | Fireside Chat: Lessons from the front line: Building and selling globally successful games businesses

• Chris James, Steel Media [moderator]
• Chris Calderon, Gamejam

 14:00 | Roundtable: Growing an ecosystem: What do we need to do to grow the MENA games industry?

 14:00 | Roundtable: Managing difficult market conditions: How to run and grow your games company in a recession

 14:00 | Roundtable: MENA market Q&A: What essentials do we need to know to arrive and thrive in the region?

 14:50 | Break

 15:20 | Depart for Nox desert camp trip

20:00 | Dinner

21:30-22:30 | Return to Crowne Plaze

DAY 2 (DEC 1st)

08:30 | Doors open and registration

10:10 | Welcome to PGC Leaders Summit Riyadh Day 2

• Chris James, Steel Media
• Kadri Harma, Nine66

10:15 | Games Investment Update: The Story so far for M&A, Investment and Public Markets

• Chris James, Steel Media

10:35 | Panel: Where is the smart money going? Where is the savvy money invested?

• Chris James, Steel Media [moderator]
• Sean Lee, Wargaming
• David Chang, Tyr Advisors
• Louis Gresham, March Gaming
• Anuj Tandon, JetSynthesys
• Kadri Harma, Nine66

11:20 | Break

11:40 | Panel: The Next Big Things: web3/blockchain, metaverse, XR, cloud gaming, Games Pass, more?!

• Dave Bradley, Steel Media [moderator]
• Patrik Wilkens, TheSoul Publishing
• Bozena Rezab, Gamee
• Chris Calderon, Gamejam

12:25 | Panel: Gaming 2030: New tech, trends and models. How to plan your business for the next 5-10 years

• Kay Gruenwoldt, Nine66 [moderator]
• Peeyush Gulati, Savvy Games Studios
• Patrik Wilkens, TheSoul Publishing
• Yahsir Qureshi, Sandsoft
• Jonty Barnes, Formation Games
• Jamy Nigri, Genvid

13:10 | Lunch

14:00 | Regeneration Driven by the Games Industry

• Georg Broxtermann, Games Forest Club

14:20 | Roundtable: Investor connecting: What are investors looking for? How is fund-raising changing? How to get the best deal in a tougher market

14:20 | Roundtable: Games publishing 2023-30! The biggest challenges now and next – and how to deal with them!

14:20 | Roundtable: The next big thing? Which opportunities should we embrace in new technology (blockchain, VR , AI?) and how do we take advantage?

15:20 | Break

15:30 | The PocketGamer.biz Top 30 MENA Game Makers reveal!

16:00 | Break and close

17:30 | Depart for Soundstorm Music Festival [VIP ticket holders only]

An alternative 19:00 dinner in Riyadh is possible for other attendees. Please check your email for details.

00:30 | Return to Crowne Plaza from Soundstorm [VIP ticket holders only]