Discover the prominent movers and shakers of 2022

Throughout October we celebrated MENA month over at, where we highlighted the strength and growth of the mobile gaming industry in the Middle East and North Africa region.

On December 1, 2022 at the PGC Leaders Summit in Riyadh, we’ll be celebrating the region further with the reveal of our list of the Top 30 MENA Game Makers.

Each year the Top Lists provide a guide to the best games companies in various sectors, but this is the first time that we will be unveiling a Top 30 list specifically for the Middle East and North Africa, identifying the most notable and influential game makers located in the region.

The list will be a guide to the movers and shakers in the games industry’s fastest-growing region. It will celebrate both long-established and new companies, and shine a light on the great development work being done in Arabic-speaking territories.


Join us in Riyadh

Right now, the team is looking back over the last twelve months and deciding which game makers and supporting companies we think deserve to be in the spotlight.

If you would like to be present when the final results are revealed, why not register a ticket to the PGC Leaders Summit and join us in Riyadh?