Head of METAP & Eastern Europe Gaming

Sezer Degirmenbasi is the Regional Head of Business Partnerships for Gaming at T and business operations across METAP & Eastern Europe regions for the TikTok for Under his leadership, Sezer Degirmenbasi is helping Gaming developers and busin their business globally on TikTok.

Prior to TikTok, Sezer DEGIRMENBASI worked for eBay, Sony and lastly Google in d business and sales for the last 15+ years. With various roles that Sezer DEGIRMENBA work with top brands helping technology driven businesses to grow globally adapt technology and consumer needs. Sezer DEGIRMENBASI graduated with honors from Istanbul Technical University, M and earned a Master Degree with summa cum laude from Bogazici University in Bu Systems. Sezer DEGIRMENBASI is passionate about all sorts of gaming, philosophy, psycholo Coach with 200+ hours. The one thing he loves about TikTok is the mission of the co, the joy and authenticity that his team brings.

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