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Known officially as “the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan”, Jordan has been a crossroads for the Middle East due to its geographic location when it comes to major trade and communications since ancient times, and Amman is one of the oldest cities in existence. It borders and connects Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea, Israel and the Palestinian National Authority. Its geography includes the lowest point on earth as well, the glorious Dead Sea (which PG Connects Jordan will take place right on the shore of).

Jordan’s total population is about 6.3 million people, and 2 million of those live in the capital Amman. With the conference taking place by the glorious Dead Sea, it presents an unparalleled opportunity to explore the incredible city, an incredible nexus that’s connected Asia, Africa and Europe for years. Jordan is a popular tourist destination, being home to well over 100,000 archaeological, religious and tourist sites. The city presents countless opportunities to learn more about the Middle East and ancient civilisations, with statues in the ancient city dating back to 7500 BC. It draws in pilgrimage often as well, as it is part of what’s globally known as the Holy Land and features some incredible high points in the city that allow you to oversee spectacular panoramic views of surrounding unmissable sights such as the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and the cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem on a clear day on Mount Nebo.

Make the most of your time in Jordan!

This conference is taking place at an unparalleled location, and sightseeing is an absolute must! The Jordanian capital of Amman has a long history, being inhabited since the Bronze Age, and its gorgeous Greco-Roman sites bring flocks of tourists from all over the world to marvel at the magnificence of its architecture. Further, Amman is an incredibly cosmopolitan city, brimming with diversity and forward-gazing innovations while maintaining the glory of ancient times today. We urge you to book a few days around conference time so you can truly make the most of the location and explore this amazing location, and we’ve got just a few suggestions on what to do in your time there (with some going beyond the city if you’ve got some days to spare!):

Ancient Citadel Ruins
Ancient Citadel RuinsWonder at the the ancient ruins of the Byzantines and Islamic peoples at the Citadel
Roman Theatre
Roman TheatreWalk through the Roman Theatre, one of the most important monuments still standing from ancient Roman Philadelphia
Jordan Museum
Jordan MuseumVisit the Jordan Museum and marvel at the incredible Jordanian artifacts!
Image credit: Freedom's Falcon
King Abdullah Mosque
King Abdullah MosqueDrop by the King Abdullah Mosque, one of Jordan’s top must-see landmarks.
Image credit: Berthold Werner
Rainbow Street
Rainbow StreetRelax on Rainbow Street, a famous road full of cafes, souvenirs and more known for its lively yet relaxed tourist-friendly atmosphere!
Wadi Rum
Wadi RumPut on your hiking shoes and head over to Wadi Rum, a must-see for anyone looking to explore the desert of Jordan! There are even hot air balloon rides available here, and a night camp to enjoy
The Jordan Trail
The Jordan TrailAnother one for hiking lovers: The Jordan Trail. It’s a 402-mile walk throughout the entire country, so you might want to really set aside time for this one, but if you’re looking for a challenge, it’s absolutely unmissable.
Image credit: Mohammed bk90
Jerash Ruins
Jerash RuinsDon’t miss the Jerash Ruins of Jordan. The ancient city is only a short 30-minute drive from Amman. They’re considered some of the best-preserved ruins outside of Italy, and the ruins go back over 6,500 years
Mount Nebo
Mount NeboClimb up the majestic Mount Nebo on a clear day for unmissable panoramic views of Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and the cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem.
Image credit: Berthold Werner
PetraStay an extra day and take part in our VIP trip to Jordan’s signature sight, the once-forgotten city turned Seventh Wonder of the world, Petra

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