PG Connects has always been about the people first. The awesome individuals who make the games, who craft the essential tools and services, who do the deals that make the games industry the biggest and best entertainment media in the world. It’s about the people who travel the world to engage with our events and help create that special ‘games industry family’ vibe that has become the hallmark of our events.

If you’re reading this then the chances are high that you’re one of those people! And if so, we want to hear from you, with PGC Stories we’ll be celebrating your happy memories, tall tales and the life-changing deals from Pocket Gamer Connects gone by.



PGC 2017 London was a cornerstone of my career in the industry. I met the Wrecking Crew and it literally changed my life and career. I made the best of industry friends there, and I am in contact with all of them to this day.

My life would not be the same without that random change meeting where I was adopted into their amazing friendship and group.


You all know me, but PGC events allowed me to meet some wonderful people in the industry who I am still friends with today. Hosting panels has been a highlight for me, mixing with folks from all over the industry and the world and the amount you take away from each session is so rewarding.


“An encounter from PGC 2017 in San Francisco stands out as a defining moment.

It was during Rusimov’s captivating talk addressing the challenges of replicating US game success in China. This presentation did not just educate, but also laid the groundwork for a flurry of discussions that eventually led to an instrumental partnership deal.

We even joined all the online editions because the power of connection and knowledge exchange that PGC facilitates are a true embodiment of the ‘games industry family.'”


”PGC Helsinki 2019, where I took part in the 20×20 sessions, but it was very hard to top the session of a puppet (Idle Farmer from Futureplay), who made a surprise appearance right before I was on.

Or what about PGC Bangalore…..2016 or 2017? I think anything that could go wrong did go wrong, but you guys nailed the conference anyway. Well done :)”


“I was one of several UK indies invited to the I heart indie event within PG Connects 2015 by Amazon for FireTV. Previously I had been a software developer (web and Windows) and developed games in my spare time.

The Pocket gamer event connected me with like minded indies and allowed me to meet and talk with Peter Molyneux. I was inspired and it led me to start up my own business.”


”It was my first Big Indie Pitch back in 2015. I met a nice person near the bar. I shared I’m feeling nervous before the Publisher SpeedMatch fringe event. A young man in elegant glasses smiled at me and answered that he felt the same and cheered me up.

In an hour that person shared a fantastic speech making everyone relax and laugh. That was Chris James. We still have a warm relationship today.”


“I have always good memories from the PGC conferences. It was at PGC London where we first met with the people who ended up acquiring our first game startup.

We had all three founders present at the conference as we’ve had several times. It is good to take the time and a bit of distance to discuss any overarching strategy together with the co-founders.”


“I remember in PGC Jordan 2022 I got to meet a lot of the MENA developers that I knew online for the first time by coincidence and it was fun time having a laugh at the fact we couldn’t get together unless it’s a coincidence.

I also got to make friends with great people from MENA and it was an eye opener for me on the professional industry in MENA.

As for PGC leaders summit 2022, I got to meet a lot of the CEOs in the region and I made friends with great fellow executives in the industry in Europe as we got together and enjoyed a nice walk in Riyadh. Oh, also watching the World cup that was exciting as well :)”


“I felt so incredible belonging when I was able to participate PGC remotely as one of the hybrid panelists. It was a great experience, well guided by professional and always so kind PGC staff!

I got connected with many fantastic people in the industry, and even made a couple new friends! One of the best remote conference experiences I’ve ever had.”


”I loved a session from Keywords about working with external developers at PGC Toronto this year.

I switched my position as a external development manager at my company at the early of this year and I had a lot of issues to handle it. And the session was really helpful and inspiring.”


“Tamatem Games is proud to be part of the 10th anniversary of Pocket Gamer Connect (PGC). We have been participating in PGC worldwide since the very beginning, and we have seen firsthand how the event has grown and evolved over the years.

PGC is a unique and valuable event for the gaming industry. It is a place where game developers, publishers, investors, and media come together to network, share ideas, and learn about the latest trends. Tamatem Games has always been a strong supporter of PGC, and we have participated in a variety of ways over the years. We have exhibited at the event, spoken in panels, and sponsored various activities. We have also used PGC to meet with potential partners and investors.

PGC has played a significant role in Tamatem Games’ success. We have met with many of our key partners at PGC, and we have used the event to launch new games and initiatives. We are grateful to PGC for providing us with such a valuable platform to showcase our work and connect with the gaming community.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of PGC, we also celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Tamatem. We are excited to see what the future holds for the event. We are confident that PGC will continue to be a leading event for the gaming industry, and we look forward to participating in many more PGC events in the years to come.”


Imperia Online JSC made its debut in the vibrant world of Pocket Gamer Connects in the summer of 2016. It was in Helsinki where we first joined the diverse assembly of creative minds that make up the games industry family.

The event held in this dynamic city marked the beginning of many other PGC visits.


”I’ve been hearing about PGC ever since I started working in mobile 5 years ago. When I set off to build my own mobile marketing team and established myself as an expert and speaker, I made it my mission to speak at PGC Helsinki.

The exposure to all those fantastic people, the wide diapason of insights and knowledge that was shared during those 2 days is yet to be matched. I guess it’s true what I’ve head – once you go PGC, you won’t go back.”