Founded on September 1, 2010, East2West Games is the most professional, reputable and all in one games publisher for Western developers in China.
East2West Games specializes in realizing greatest value of Western titles improving their monetization, right localization and personalized promotion with dedicated teams across China.
We have published many games on mobile platforms, including The Escapists 2, Mini Metro, Iron Marines, 60 Seconds, Love you to Bits, Give it Up! and so on, reaching dozens of millions of users.
In recent years, East2West Games also tapped into Steam publishing and released My Child: Lebensborn, Song of Farca; Wulin Chess, and generated massive success in China under our assistance.
East2West Games continuously keeps enlarging the release territory and expanding on more platforms, and will always continue exploring on mobile (IOS, Android, H5), PC and console.