Nefta’s advertising network provides a privacy-first solution to the problems publishers and advertisers face, diminishing revenue and eCPMs from iOS users that opt-out through ATT.

Nefta has devised a new approach using first-party data to improve in-app advertising revenue. Publishers integrate Nefta’s Ad SDK directly or via LevelPlay or Max mediation, and add Nefta’s game event taxonomy to gain greater insights into player behaviour. Nefta’s platform observes these game events and usage patterns on an app-by-app basis and applies advanced machine learning and behavioural analytics to create profile groups.

Nefta discovered that certain profile groups are more likely to click certain creatives resulting in greater audience engagement, ad interaction, and revenue growth. This is how Nefta are able to drive superior results for advertisers while increasing ARPDAU for publishers, in a 100% privacy-compliant way.