Vibe.co was founded by two adtech experts and serial entrepreneurs now taking on a new challenge: radically democratizing access to television advertising and transforming the medium into a powerful performance channel.

The Vibe.co platform is designed and built around the insights gained while building KMTX, one of the largest trading desks in Europe and over 5 years of intensive research and development, yielding an astonishingly simple yet powerful tool – the Google Ads of CTV.

Beyond programmatic ad placement on over 500 premium apps and channels, Vibe.co empowers marketers to gain back control of their media strategy with powerful new tools that enable: incremental reach, A/B testing, AI campaign optimization, contextual targeting, real-time campaign insights from 3rd party measurement partners, cross-device retargeting, and so much more.

It’s a brave new adtech world out there, and Vibe.co is excited to show you the ropes!