Our Publisher SpeedMatch sessions pair developers, speed-dating style, with publishers and investors. Perfect for first contact meetings with new prospects

Studio looking for somebody to bring your game to market? Publisher looking for new talent? Sign up now for this supplemental session where we hand-pick the best contacts for you.

The Publisher SpeedMatch session enables shortlisted developers and publishers to make initial contact during a dedicated one-hour stint of speed-date style meetings.

These short meets aren’t obviously designed for closing a deal, but enable an initial contact that can be followed up with a longer meeting during or after the conference. (Of course, everyone is still free to make as many meetings as they’d like using the standard MeetToMatch meeting platform – free to all delegates.)


When does Publisher SpeedMatch take place?

Publisher SpeedMatch is scheduled to run on Wednesday, October 2. The session will run 2:00pm – 3:30pm (Local Time).

How do I get involved?

The Publisher SpeedMatch session is open to all qualifying attendees of PG Connects Helsinki. There’s no additional charge but there is a filtering process. If you’re interested in taking part simply hit the button below to complete the form to submit your application.

The deadline for applications is Friday, September 20, 2024. The scheduling will occur after this date and studios (whether selected or otherwise) will be updated following this.

Anything I need to know?

APPLICANTS MUST BE REGISTERED ATTENDEES of PG Connects Helsinki 2024 and GAME DEVELOPERS or PUBLISHERS – or your submission will not be processed. Not registered for PGC Helsinki 2024 yet? You can do so here.

If you have any queries, please contact
[email protected]