Celebrating and supporting the fast-growing MENA games industry in association with Jordan Gaming Lab and the King Abdullah II Fund for Development

The MENA region is an increasingly exciting and important part of the $160 billion global games industry. The domestic market is the fastest growing in the world, increasing 14.5% in value over the last year to $5.4 billion and with 377 million estimated players, it now has almost as many gamers as the whole of Europe (386 million) and far more than America (210m). Unsurprisingly, there’s been a surge in local development talent too and few spots are more exciting than Jordan. Thanks to the multi-year support of the King Abdullah II Fund for Development including initiatives like the Jordan Gaming Lab, the country already boasts a number of success stories like Babil Games, Tamatem, Maysalward and Play 3arabi as well as a wealth of developers.

From PG Connects Jordan to PG Connects Digital #4
In the last few years, Steel Media have attempted to add our support to the region too, speaking at the long-running Jordan Gaming Summit as well as hosting our Big Indie Pitch. Last year we took things a step further, with the launch of the incredibly successful Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan event and had every ambition.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has disrupted plans for that physical event this year, but whilst we’re not able to travel out to Amman, we are going to be celebrating and supporting the creativity and potential in this amazing region with some dedicated segments of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4.

Game Development 101 in association with King Abdullah II Fund for Development and the Jordan Gaming Lab
Game Development 101 is a dedicated side-event taking place on Friday (from 09:00 to 18:00 GMT), designed to provide education and information to the current and next generation of game developers in Jordan and beyond. The event will cover all the key areas needed to get started and succeed in the games industry, from funding and company setup through the fundamentals of Game Design and Publishing through to Game Economy, Live Ops and Community Management. The talks will be broadcast via Zoom and can be watched live (ideal for asking questions and interacting) or streamed later. Jordanian developers will also have full access to the full PG Connects Digital #4 event, so they can watch the content live (or recorded sessions after), connect with potential partners via the MeetToMatch meeting system and take part in fringe events.

Marvelous MENA track in association with Play 3arabi
As well as supporting the next generation of game developers, Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4 will also be celebrating the success stories and potential of the MENA market so far in our Marvelous MENA track on Monday 9th (from 09:00 to 13:00 GMT). Hear from sponsors Play 3arabi, established global businesses such as Ubisoft and upcoming players such as Sakura Games, FRAG Games and Lahza Games.

More to come…
Hopefully we’ll be meeting face-to-face and see you back in Amman next November as PGC Jordan aims to return in 2021 to celebrate even greater success of the MENA market.