JetPlay presents Ludo

The AI Games Ideation Tool Need an idea for a hit new game?

Hyper Casual game creation becoming hyper stressful? Just ask Ludo…

Ludo is the game developer’s best friend. An AI tool that helps you come up with new hit mobile game ideas. You just put in a few keywords to point Ludo in the right direction and Ludo, through the power of AI, does the rest. Ludo uses machine learning and natural language processing to develop game concepts 24 hours a day. Ludo is built on a database of close to 1 million games and returns almost immediately with multiple written game concepts, artwork and images. Most importantly Ludo saves you time and stress – making the game ideation process quick, easy, efficient and fun.

Created by Jet Play, Ludo is the product of an outstanding global team of AI Ph.D.’s and game developers. After a year of testing and development, in a closed beta, with games studios worldwide, this powerful AI platform is now in open beta for a short period of time before its planned launch in February.