SocialPeta is the world’s leading advertisement creative spy and analysis platform, dedicated to offering top ads creative and marketing strategy for both advertisers and publishers. Serving as an essential ad and marketing intelligence platform, SocialPeta focuses on Ad Intelligence、Cost Intelligence、Ad Creatives, Audience Insight, Advertising Strategy, etc.

SocialPeta helps users in the in-depth analysis of advertising trends with the detailed graphical representation of the fluctuations in an organized manner. The massive database of SocialPeta is fetched from 73 top publishing networks across 46 countries. This database contains over 980M ad creatives. Intelligence with Ads, Market, Cost, App, Audience, eCom & Brand. Help you develop your business in all marketing decisions. Currently, we had more than 200 enterprise clients include Google, Supercell,iGG,Fun Plus,Bigo Live,37games,etc.