AltTester is a solution that enables test automation for Unity games. By adding the AltTester plugin to your game, you can start writing and running automated scripts in parallel on platforms like iOS, Android, WebGL, PCs and Nintendo Switch.

To make test automation more accessible, AltTester Pro allows you to record and replay actions without having to know how to code.

AltTester benefits include:

  • Getting faster feedback after every commit
  • Reaching better testing coverage across multiple devices and platforms simultaneously
  • Empowering your game testers to automate repetitive tasks and focus on meaningful game play testing
  • Inspecting game objects and their properties outside the game engine editor
  • Saving money on editor licenses for testers.

With plans to soon support other engines like Unreal Engine, AltTester is building a future where game development teams can efficiently integrate test automation in their process and take full advantage of it.