Cashplay is the world’s leading in-game cash tournament solution, offering 3rd party game developers an easy way to integrate skill-based cash tournaments into their mobile games worldwide.

The Cashplay platform provides gamers an exciting opportunity to compete against each other for real money while developers benefit from a monetization model that adds excitement to their users‘ game experience.

Following a landmark decision, Cashplay was the first provider of skill game tournaments to receive approval for real money payouts within games distributed on the App Store on a global basis, including the United States. Today, Cashplay has registered players from every country in the world.

Cashplay offers best-in-class technology and operates all the fraud-protection, geo-blocking, client-identification and cheat-prevention systems necessary for handling cash in games, and the system offers player skill-matching and social solutions to ensure users enjoy and share their experiences. Cashplay is run by a team of experts with deep experience operating online gaming and electronic transaction systems, and it’s platform is seamlessly integrated into several of top mobile titles.