Genvid is delivering a brand new form of entertainment combining the best of traditional storytelling with the immersion and interaction of video games. We call this category Massively Interactive Live Events (MILEs).

Imagine you and a global community of fans influencing the canon storyline of your favorite franchises: making choices which will affect the fates of heroes, villains and entire worlds. MILEs also have the unique aspect of giving fans a choice between sitting back and enjoying watching dramatic events unfold, or leaning-in and participating themselves. All of this happens live, in the company of millions of other fans.

Current projects include the upcoming The Walking Dead: Last Mile (with Skybound Entertainment) and Pac-Man Community (with Bandai Namco Entertainment), both in exclusive partnership with Facebook. These projects follow the success of Genvid’s Rival Peak as part of an exciting and robust pipeline of future projects based on well-known and beloved franchises.

All of these projects (and others) are enabled by Genvid’s proprietary and innovative MILEs SDK technology.

If you are looking for that rare opportunity to truly innovate digital entertainment, join our team. We’d love to hear from you!