Helpshift is a consumer-first digital support platform, made for companies that want to meet the evolving needs of their customers wherever they are. Helpshift combines smart segmentation with conversational AI to quickly understand customer intent and facilitate a guided modern support journey — from mobile apps to social messaging channels and from gaming consoles to the metaverse. Brands are able to solve customer problems quickly, improve the effectiveness of their agents, and transform support from painful experiences to continuous conversations. Enjoy quick time to value as our easy-to-implement SDK and automations help you drive transformation and demonstrate ROI in a few weeks only.




Backtrace is a cross-platform crash and exception management tool that makes it easy to capture game and app errors from all runtime environments. Development and support teams can quickly prioritize and resolve the most important issues 50-90% faster by spending less time debugging. Our solution captures detailed dumps of failed application state, automating analysis of the data, highlighting the important classifiers, and archiving this in a powerful database.

We offer multiple workflow integration points like Slack, JIRA, and PagerDuty. Backtrace gives developers unfettered access to all your data to increase your team’s efficiency and get to the root-cause faster.




KantanAI aims to build universal understanding and transform industries. By combining human expertise and artificial intelligence, KantanAI gives businesses the ability to understand their customers, collaborate more effectively and create richer experiences.

KantanAI products allow organizations

  • to become more agile,
  • onboard new territories faster,
  • shift the hiring focus from language to product knowledge/expertise
  • remove the language barrier

Together, let’s make your products smarter. Your customer experiences more exceptional. Your people more productive. Your processes more profitable. And your systems more powerful.

Artificial Intelligence. Done Differently.




At Keywords Studios, we deliver our clients the benefits of the strengthened Engage service line, combining our Player Support and Marketing offerings. Within Keywords Player Support, we have the tools and the expertise to help keep your players happy, whether that’s handling support tickets efficiently or growing your communities on social media. Our Player Support services include:

  • One on One Player Support
  • Community & Social Media Management
  • Trust and Safety – Moderation
  • Consulting Services

Your players want the best. They want innovative experiences with innovative and immersive gameplay.