Looking for the next step in your career? Games Jobs Live is a live-streamed recruitment event designed specifically for the games industry.

Finding the perfect job is always a challenge, but the events of this year have made it especially difficult to connect with the right people. To help out, as part of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4’s Careers Week, we’ll be shining a spotlight on games industry careers. And as part of that, we’re thrilled to welcome Games Jobs Live as part of the week’s activities in November.

Sign up here FREE to register for this essential two-hour activity taking place on Wednesday 11 November 16:00-18:00 GMT.

Games Jobs Live events are live-streamed recruitment events designed specifically for the games industry. Broadcast on YouTube, they’re free and open to all attendees, whether they already work in the games industry, another sector, or have recently graduated.

The events showcase the best local game development studios – each studio succinctly presents who they are, what they’ve done, and what positions they’re looking to fill. Each studio also has their own dedicated Discord chat channel so applicants can follow up with any questions to them, and then just apply directly to each studio.

Studios involved previously include Codemasters, Sumo Digital, Team 17, Red Kite Games, Futurlab, OutPlay, Tag Games and loads more.

The main event will take place alongside Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4, and will be a 90-minute video broadcast, followed by a 30-minute Discord Q&A. You’ll hear from companies that have vacancies to fill, and then be able to ask questions.

Games Jobs Live has been running successfully for some time, and you can watch recordings of previous broadcasts at the official site.

Virtually all attendees found it useful enough to attend again, with feedback from attendees saying that over 96% would take part again!

And the studios involved love it too: “Games Jobs Live was a great opportunity to reach out and connect with some of the talented people we have in the gaming industry today,” says Caroline Usher, People and Office Manager, Tag Games. “It’s a great platform to be able to showcase what we do here at Tag and the active roles we have available. Would highly recommend Games Jobs Live. We will definitely be at another one!”

So if you would like to get involved for FREE – sign up here