Pocket Gamer Connects Launchpad!

Showcase your new game or product alongside Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024

Launching a new game, product or service at the start of the year? Tell us about it, and we’ll help launch it to our audience of Pocket Gamer Connects attendees and readers

To celebrate 10 years of excellence in the games industry, the team are introducing new elements to the conference fringe in 2024, and that includes Launchpad.

If you’re introducing a ground-breaking new game or cutting-edge app, there’s no better time to unveil your creation than during Pocket Gamer Connects London in January. With a decade of experience under its belt, this conference has become the ultimate stage for industry pioneers and innovators.


What is Launchpad?

This exciting new feature of the conference season will provide you with the perfect platform to launch your creation into the gaming stratosphere. We can help you showcase your project to a highly engaged and enthusiastic audience of fellow industry professionals, investors, and gaming enthusiasts from all around the world. It’s the ideal opportunity to generate buzz, secure partnerships, and make a splash in the industry.

We will create an opportunity for developers and publishers to launch their new projects during the busy Pocket Gamer Connects week. Fill in the form below, and we’ll help you reach our audience to talk about your new project.

We expect over 2,500 people to pass through the halls and corridors of Pocket Gamer Connects London in January, and our mailing list is greater even than that, including press from Pocket Gamer and other popular media brands.


How can I be part of it?

Simply fill in the details below to alert our team to your plans, and we’ll be in touch.

Please note this is not for unfinished or theoretical projects, nor is it the place to pitch for funding – we have activities like the Very Big Indie Pitch, Investor Connector and Publisher SpeedMatch for that! Launchpad is purely for you to push your finished game into the wild.

  • In terms of getting face time with press, that was hands-down the single most important pre-launch event that we participated in this past year.

    Amy DallasDeveloper of Skulldugg
  • The Big Indie Pitch is always my favourite part of the show. Not just to scout new developer talent, but also for the opportunity to give some feedback and helpful advice to the talented selected teams. It’s highly effective networking for me.

    Martine SpaansFGL / Business Development
  • Just a quick email to say well done on a fantastic PGC event - really was the best yet, and I really enjoyed it and found the talks and networking invaluable

    Jamie SeftonGame Republic / MD
  • Pocket Gamer is on top of market trends making PGC an excellent one stop shop for meeting other game industry professionals and learning about the latest insights.

    Sonja ÄngesleväPhantom Gamelabs / CEO
  • I've been participating in the Big Indie Pitch on and off for several years now, and I'd recommend it to any indie in any stage of development. The speed-date format is an incredibly valuable exercise to gauge reactions, gain feedback, and overall help hone that elevator pitch to distil your idea into its marketable core.

    Kevin BeimersItalic Pig / Director
  • I've never seen so many fantastic game pitches with such passionate developers in the same room before.

    Anna NorrevikSVRVIVE / CEO
  • The Big Indie Pitch at PocketGamer Connects continues being a fantastic pitching opportunity and one of the most novel concepts for a fringe event. Being able to present our game to a wonderful set of judges and walk out with the golden bat gave us a sense of validation and motivation to continue work in our project like no other event has to date.

    Jorge M. CarvalhoWhales And Games / Co-Founder & Lead Developer