Cherry Pick Talent

Britt kicked off her digital media career 5 years ago, after ditching the 2am alarm clock back in Canada where she hosted breakfast television. Taking up a job as talent manager for an amazing MCN called ChannelFlip. It wasn’t long before Britt realised all the talent wanted the same thing; to partner with brands who they cared about! That’s when she cut her teeth in the sales world. Landing successful campaigns with U.K. advertisers like Kellogg’s, Three and AVON! It wasn’t long before she realised there was a gap in the market and talent needed more than an MCN and brands needed people who understood the influencer space and how to partner with talent; properly! That’s when Britt launched Cherry Pick Talent. Fast forward 2 years; 175 campaigns, 50+ clients, over 100 global talent and billions of views later…. and you’ll find Britt and her U.K. and Canadian teams helping advertisers to get the word out there through creative and “cut through the noise” kind of videos! Britt and her team are the masterminds behind the Best Fiends take over on the internet for the last few years!

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