Jason Robar Co-founder & CPO AuthorDigital

Co-founder & CPO

Jason Robar is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of AuthorDigital, an independent game developer in the greater Seattle area. Since joining Microsoft in 1994, his game industry career has focused on building independent studios and online games for major licensed brands, and technology platforms.

Jason has founded several independent game studios and led teams in North America, Europe and China. At Area 52 Games, the team built a free to play mobile and PC cross-platform online Star Wars project for Disney and LucasArts. At The Amazing Society, the team built the first Marvel MMORPG and launched in under two years of development to live operations. As a founder of Secret Lair Studios in Seattle and Studio Ch’in in Shanghai, the team built several console (such as Carcassonne for X360) and PC online games with Chinese and American teams working together as ‘brother studios’ before being acquired by Vivendi to become part of Blizzard China. In Germany, he led the creation of Goodgame Studios free to play mobile RPG studio made up of team members from all over the world.

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