Trojan Chicken

After running Trojan Chicken Game Studio in Uruguay for many years, Pex moved to Scotland to lead the team at Lisle Design, a boutique tech company based in St Andrews.

Trojan Chicken is one of the most successful studios of learning video games for kids in Latin America. It’s mostly famous for its games Cazaproblemas (Puzzlechasers), Letrapaluza (Word-a-palooza) and DED (Special Investigations Unit). Alongside running the studio, he has been one of the main advocates for the strengthening of the video game industry in Uruguay.

He now plays the role of director at Trojan Chicken, collaborates with a number of younger studios as well as with the UK Games Fund, and leads a research group that is mapping the video game industry in Latin American and the Caribbean, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank. He loves spending time playing tabletop RPGs and board games with his two kids and his wife.

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