Kukouri Mobile Entertainment

Kim Soares is the founder and CEO of Kukouri, the multi-awarded Finnish indie mobile game developer. Kukouri won the Best Indie Developer award at the 2019 Pocket Gamer Mobile Game Awards.

Kukouri’s Tiny Troopers games are available on multiple platforms and have over 35 million downloads, including 2 million on Playstation 4. Cross platform social MMO game Pixel Worlds won the People’s Choice award at Game Connection Development awards. Pixel Worlds is a unique combination of MMO, sandbox and social platform.

Kim has been an active gamer since he was five (that was back in the 1979). He started on game media in 1996 and has written over 2000 game reviews. Having been indie game developer since 2007, he has strong views on about the state of the industry and wants to help fellow indies succeed by sharing his experiences.

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