Bridge the Gaps in Attribution & Analytics. Next-level growth with next-gen attribution & analytics. Airbridge is an attribution and analytics company that unlocks next-generation strategies for marketers in the privacy era. With powerful measurement and analytics suites, Airbridge empowers marketers around the world to grow their apps across iOS, Android, and the web.

By unifying spend, revenue, and performance data across platforms into a single centralized dashboard, Airbridge delivers real-time visibility and actionable insights at a glance to optimize campaigns and drive better results. As the official MMP (mobile measurement), MTA (multi-touch attribution), and MMM (marketing mix modeling) partner to the world’s biggest advertising platforms, Airbridge is trusted by fast-growing startups and Fortune 500s alike, including LG, Lotte, Kakao Style, NEXON, WEBZEN and more.

Find out more about Airbridge at airbridge.io.